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Stephen Bohlen Is My Savior

One of the tools that I’ve set out to learn in my quest to become a better developer is Alt.NET’s baby NHibernate.  Unfortunately, being my company’s sole developer, my manager has alotted me roughly “go fuck yourself” hours for learning this mountain of an API.  I’ve tried reading through articles on Codebetter and Codeproject, only to find articles discussing very different and nuanced things.  No step-by-step tutorial.  I’ve tried sic-ing Intern Justen on the monster only to have him thwarted by anything more complicated than a simple get and save object.  I need a very through walk through.

Enter Stephen Bolen who has created a series of beautiful screencasts called Summer of NHibernate (available on his blog) in which he builds projects from the ground up.  Not only does it show me exactly how to create, configure, and test an NHibernate project but it also is great for a poor directionless aspiring star like myself to see how a real pro structures his project, his naming schemes, and his general style.  Kudos Stephen, here’s hoping this post gives you a well deserved PageRank boost.


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