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Of Cavemen Jeff Atwood and SOLID

Jeff Jeff Jeff,

Reading your blog has always been a bit like programmer masturbation, it mostly serves to make the reader feel great about what an inquisitive and intellectual developer they are.  That’s ok though, it keeps people reading and just through the sheer volume and accessibility of your writing you’ve pounded into people’s skulls some extremely useful ideas, frequently without them even realizing it.

Heck, it was you that got me into reading programming blogs (tip of the hat to Steve Yegge as well) and that is precisely why this whole tiff with Uncle Bob is just silly and your latest defense the lamest of all.  You reach far more people than Uncle Bob does, you acknowledge that the SOLID principles are good ones, you say that the problem is with capturing the ear of the uninformed – and then you put them down?  Give me a break!

I don’t have time to rant at length like others have but consider this:

Captain Caveman!

You know who were really the original unreachables?  Cavemen.  Completely in isolation from each other they decided it a hassle constantly having to seek out rock outcropping roofs and moss mattresses and all on their own they started piling rocks on each other to make houses.

Sure when the Assyrians invented the arch the Egyptian and Aztec builders didn’t hear about it, but eventually the Romans came along and in that very Roman way searched out the best ideas and decided to apply them to their own projects.  Good thing the Assyrians didn’t have bloggers.  They might have declared the arch unfit for popularization due to the infeasability of their marketing.

We’re at the very beginning of this stuff, lets encourage the good ideas, no matter who is listening.

Update: InfoQ has a roundup of the whole debacle.


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