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About Me

I am a humble 26 year old software developer living in New Orleans.  By day I am lead developer working in C# .NET and Oracle for Westway Holdings (horrible website layout not by me).  Although I originally envisioned this blog to be reviews of the incredible local music scene thereby excusing me in the eyes of the girlfriend to go to as many shows as I wish, months after registering this blog and with nothing but a handful of half-finished articles I decided that limiting it so is perhaps not such a good idea.  Therefore I am opening it up to any kind of writting that I am in the mood for which – as of late – is technical.

So until further notice, this blog will be primarily a programming blog where I will document my daily achievements, troubles, concerns, and lessons learned.  As I am interested in and read daily on topics in ALT.NET and Agile hopefully I can put out there at least a few articles of use to someone other than myself.  Even if not, hey at least I’ve started that diary my seventh grade english teacher always used to talk about.

Also visit The Roots of Music – a New Orleans-based musical education non-profit that I am involved in, and my personal web page at .


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