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Let’s try to start this nice and simple

So since I registered this blog name I have proven empirically that I am incapable of actually writing to it so I figure I’ll start simple – with a list.  And – because this is what i’ve been reading and thinking of a lot lately – its going to be programming related.  Weeee.   So here we go.

Technologies that I HAVE to learn:

  • NHibernate – The list, podcasts, and .NET blogs have been a buzz about this for so long that its barely even mentioned anymore, but yes, through argument and experience I’ve been convinced, dynamically generated SQL is the way to go.  Time to get a crackin’.
  • MbUnit – Apparently that’s what a lot of the pros use and I want to  be a pro right?  Well, I’ve got the basic [TestFixture] – [Test] – [RowTest] stuff down but guys like Phil Haack have to love it for more than just a few neat features and a nice GUI right?  How about reading the documentation?  Also, what the fuck is Gallilo and how come I can’t get it to run?
  • StructureMap or Castle Project – Inversion of Control / Dependency injection frameworks.  This is what you use if you want an extensible application.  And I do.
  • F# – A couple months ago, I realized that I kinda like programming in Javascript. Apparently, I’m not the only person that thinks so.. I guess it was because I was finally starting to get an understanding of what this functional programming thing is all about. And now that that I know, I like it!
  • And in a similar vein – JQuery. – Yeah, I’ve gotten some practice with this amazing toolbox in working with my personal site and The Roots Of Music and I think there’s something there. I want more, a lot more.
  • Git or Mercurial – Distributed Version Control Systems.  These seem to be the new thing in version control, no pressing need to switch from SVN, but I should start getting familiar with them.  It seems like for the time being, Mercurial is the shiznit.  Not sure if any of them have nice TortoiseSVN-style support though.
  • TypeMock – Commercial mocking software.  Type mocking is really just something that I need to learn about as I’ve run into the limits of non-mocking unit tests already.  I’ve heard this product is good in a few places and they have a good learning section the web-site as well as a free download version.  Could be worth trying it out.  As an alternative, we’ve also got Rhino Mocks which is free.

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